Brown Book

by Denise Mangiardi

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Soundscape 1 02:30
The Exchange 06:52
You’ll never be popular he said As he walked out the door There’s a ringing in my ear Somewhere out there He made an exchange Of some kind , somewhere Soul stuff ... She quoted all the discs as junk food As my soul lay somewhere on the desk Within the mess , that the wild beasts left A piece of spirit here there but left to fall in the bin with the rest Was I exchanged for a different hand Did I not, make your grade But average among the crocodiles You cried about and ran from in the night And under the stars did you lay with me once Was your jugular shot down With overkill Did I miss, the mark That softer spot When flames aroused, will swell and rise And make you hungry , charmed , bewitched And redefined Oh now Why are you singing my songs Their songs , everyone’s songs I dismiss you and remiss you And so too, remember you While in my absence I was shifted Held, then rearranged During the exchange
Brown Book 04:48
Somewhere deep inside Dark brown pages lay A picture that I made In forest green and indigo , Red blazed Those letters , depicting a me portrayed I’d dream of you , your face Your hands held soft against my leg The touch of your skin While a kitten sat and grinned To purr the time away As the dappling gems of sun And my old love intertwined How moods can change with each line As I watch unfurling pages slide Thru my brown book I heard my hearts desires As I lay , in my bed on fire
She’s too nice But gives advice Get into trouble from time to time She can break a stone Cut out a bone But if you ask her to wail in the broad daylight You may be surprised Cause she only does those things at night She’s contained With an air of grace She always says the right things to keep you from disgrace Her clothes fit on her just right Not too tight To squeeze out her light But if you ask her to dance and sing Lords knows what she’ll bring But your gonna have to wait till its night She may not be the one You all would think is fun She may be off that list So don’t expect a kiss But if you decide you wanna go for that ride Well , you better think f doing things right She’s an intellectual She knows about books She can teach you mathematics Beside her good looks She’s a wiz of a chemist She can put your mind at pace But your gonna have to wait til it’s dark To get a taste Cause she’s a day , she’s a day She’s a day time kind of girl
Horn Song 07:53
I just want to say “hey babe” to you tonight Take me by my hand , I’ll make you understand Tomorrow’s just another day away Walk here by my side Our eyes will shine so bright I’ll keep you warm And save you from the storms That come your way I’ll keep them far away If you just try to walk me me tonight Il take you in my arms and hold you tight So tight , so tight I’m in ecstasy just seeing how you smile Soft as summer suns I know that your the one Yesterday is gone and scattered to the wind You and I will make A brand new dawn I’ll keep you warm And save you from the storms That come your way I’ll keep them far away If you just try to walk me me tonight Il take you in my arms and hold you tight So tight , so tight
My Beauty 04:01
Scenes of love They’re never far from my mind I dream of you Ugly Beauty Shadows fade against each kiss that we made Through time my love , my beauty I don’t know , why you should ever go Far away from me Hold me close , I’ll never run far from your soul The taste of you, my beauty
Way up high ,observing light Trying to come my way Those reveries , my memories Stop me from sleeping through the night Your my greatest love You make it all seem right Up where the clouds delight my castle in the sky The wind refrains the window panes That shake from the force of the storm To and fro my body knows Every molecular cell of your form Like fables told by fire light A take my heart adorns My love for you so high My castle in the sky The way you move Your shape and grove I’m carelessly cast out to sea I’m flowing though the flow of you Following your paths on to me Your the one who leads the way Through each and every turn As shodows cast their shape on this love that burns. I can’t escape these walls these gates Their wrapping me in ecstasy A fortress made , I can’t escape This craving for you all through the night My castle in the sky
That red bouquet that you bought today Filled my ever aching heart It changed all my doubts And cleared away those clouds And broke my fears and made them all depart A red bouquet Is a statement made Of love that’s meant to come How our love has stayed this time Through ill winds and storms How the scent of life endures Forever tempting charms A red bouquet for the whole world will stay A lasting taste of love that’s yet to come So give up all your heart so you can make a start And buy a red bouquet , for your love today
Waves 04:13
So far, across the sea my eyes watch waves glistening Out there below the clouds  I feel you come to me There comes a time when every single line of your smile, while I wait, travels miles across the waves to me... Our bodies caught each ray of sun beneath the limbs The pines that made our bed while the bough was moving As you declared all your love to me by the sea, you and me, All the world was ours to keep As the seasons , ride the tide to take you far away I try to find within my mind where we made love beneath the sky We were like the falling raindrops softly on the sea We stole each wave that came to us and changed it into angel dust Wave, each precious wave will fade away, like morning dew My heart will surely break apart, each day that I'm away from you But I'll repeat the scenes to find some reason why you went away the moon's become my secret friend So I can find our love again As the seasons , ride the tide to take you far away I try to find within my mind where we made love beneath the sky We were like the falling raindrops softly on the sea We stole each wave that came to us and changed it into angel dust Waves, each precious wave, those waves...
Soundscape 2 01:49


Brown Book features Denise Mangiardi’s singing and writing with fine contributions made by pianist-keyboardist Mark Soskin, guitarist Brian Seeger, bassist Jay Anderson,
drummer Jeff Boudreaux, percussionist Maurizio Ravalico, Tony Dagradi on soprano and tenor, Dave O’Higgins on tenor-saxophone, and a guest spot for tenor
great Jerry Bergonzi. In addition, five of the ten selections feature the singer’s writing for the Slovak National Symphony Orchestra.
Sandwiched by a pair of brief instrumentals for the orchestra (“Soundscapes I.” and “Soundscapes II.”), the set covers a variety of moods. “The Exchange” is a
dramatic ballad about the pain of rejection (Dagradi’s soprano and the strings add to the piece’s atmosphere), “Brown Book” has a theme that is both haunting
and catchy, and “Day Time Kind Of Girl,” which is about a woman who has her own way of doing things, is quite bluesy.
“Horn Song” is a particularly infectious Latin-flavored tune with assertive lyrics and solos from three tenor-saxophonists including the masterful Jerry Bergonzi.
“My Beauty” features Denise Mangiardi’s sensitive words to Thelonious Monk’s “Ugly Beauty.” Brown Book also includes the celebratory Latinish love song
“Castle In the Sky,” the upbeat “Red Bouquet,” and the quietly dramatic “Waves” which finds Mangiardi’s warm voice accompanied by the string orchestra.
Denise Mangiardi has had a life as productive and colorful as her music. When she was 14 she was already a professional musician working in New York. She
graduated from the Berklee College of Music with a degree in piano and composition, studied harmony with Jerry Bergonzi, and in the 1990s her mentor was
Ellis Larkins whose sophisticated piano inspired her compositional style. Mangiardi performed in many of New York’s top clubs (including the Village Vanguard)
before moving to New Orleans where she was a major part of the scene for five years.
A long-time resident of London, Denise Mangiardi has sung with big and small bands, played piano and guitar, arranged for other artists, and written for string
orchestras. Her earlier albums include Fine Tuning, Camden Town, Alice’s Soul, Crusade, Naked Truth (which features Jerry Bergonzi) and Skylark. She has consistently impressed and delighted listeners and critics alike in several fields.
The diverse and consistently rewarding Brown Book is arguably Denise Mangiardi’s finest hour so far


released March 1, 2020

Denise Mangiard Vocals, Jay Anderson Bass, Mark Soskin
Piano, Jeff Boudreaux Drums, Brian Seeger Guitar, Tony
DaGradi Soprano/Tenor, Dave O’Higgins Tenor, Jerry Bergonzi
Tenor, Maurizio Ravalico Percussion, Strings are by the Slovak National Symphony Orchestra


all rights reserved



Denise Mangiardi London, UK

Vocalist, pianist and composer Denise Mangiardi is originally from New York.has settled in London .Mangiardi has written an album inspired by the great melting pot of her home city, combining jazz, folk, blues and latin music. That well of inspiration is allied to her experience as a classical composer and arranger, leading her to write a unique and eclectic album of original songs. ... more

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